Massage is an essential element in the process of relaxation. To achieve maximum spa benefits, The One Resort offers You different types of massage:

The One Resort massage

Whole body massage bond of classical massage, stretching and aroma, created for ultimate relaxation; makes you feel like a Roman emperor.
50 min 490 kn

Medical massage

Designed to relieve pain, release trigger points and restore the soft tissue to a normal relaxed state.
40 min 440 kn

Aroma deep relax

A moment of pure delight using essential oil balms which are 100% natural; tensions are soothed away and all stresses are released leaving you recovered from the deep within.
50 min 510 kn

Sports massage

Strong pressure massage with special treatment of muscular tissue; it is ideal for preventing and detecting injuries and rectifying any old injuries caused by sports or posture related problems.
40 min 450 kn

Blue ivy massage

Blue ivy massage is a type of body treatment that favors the elimination of toxins and adipose nodules.
40min 420 kn


VAT (25%) is included in price!